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Thursday, 22 January 2009


General Contacts for Possible Talks

Ann Lingard new book

Geoff Rowlands [] - Microscopes and

Dave Hosken's email address is Darwin

Cary Davies Allen and Heath

Steve Moxon

Title: 'Power' is not about resources; it's about sex.
'Power' is assumed to be about resources, exercised by men over women as well as by men over other men. But this misunderstands the biology of dominance, which is same-sex, serving not to apportion resources more efficiently by minimising conflict, but to create competition so as to apportion reproduction. To understand society, our conception of 'power' needs radical revision.
Steve Moxon is a freelance author/researcher across science regarding men-women and the sexes. He has published a provocatively titled book, ‘The Woman Racket: The new science explaining how the sexes relate at work, at play and in society – A scientific essay on dominance is to be an editorial in the influential journal, Medical Hypotheses.
[The scientific paper is attached.]

Email to all parties after December Meeting

Ideas from last night, add if I missed anything

· Allen and heath/sound engineers – also poss for sponsorship
· Brenden Godley – at Tremough – teaches part of a module on funding/bid writing works for Carrick (?) – that was someone else – talk on funding
· Watts Watson and Marlow – peristaltic pumps
· David Landsdowne - IVF
· Apiaristy – outside at Tremough
· Horticulture – Potager
· Films: the wrecking esaon/shark water/valley under the sea
· Medical Imaging
· Kernow microscopiical society – think it might be
· Symposium for science teachers
· VidBox
· Scientific imaging
· Peter Bunyard
· Ken O’Brian – astrology astronomy
· Windmills – Alex boyfriend
· Geology – tremo’

So quite a bit of planning. We got to think smart about how this can be resourced. In theory I am putting this on to my teaching hours – ie 2 per month, but as you know…

I will send you this PM proposal for funding a conference as part of falriverfest – the amount is 1500 which can only cover disbursements – not time. Management time will be paid out of delegate fee and commercial sponsorship. The spend will be on a good digi projector for permanent installation in the Poly theatre and perhaps a heavy duty router to wi fi the Poly with wall terminals for www access. Any other ideas for the spend? We can build into the conference a demo of seine netting – ie to resource getting a bigger net. Trudy? Microscopes? Enhanced website? Software for Jason’s publications? Can I place my order for Adobe InDesign?? - £182 with educational pricing.

Sasha, have not discussed this yet with you, guess on the agenda for the new Gen Manager. Briefly, idea is to run a conference as part of the falriverfest in May titled “Livings from the Sea” at Poly under CafĂ© Sci brand. Cornwall College has £1500 to spend, and I have verbal indication of fiscal support from the local AONB.


Preamble: The parties agree that Science needs greater exposure in West Cornwall and, to this end, will work together to promote all disciplines of Science to the wider community, initially through the Cafe Scientifique as a test-bed for a period up to and including April.

1. The Poly will, in consultation with FMS, appoint an Honoury Education Officer (HEO) to devise, coordinate, promote and steward monthly Cafe Sci events. The HEO will pay urgent attention to sources of grant funding and sponsorship.

2. A joint marketing plan will be developed synthesising websites, posters, leaflets and the broadcast media. Any marketing materials to be signed off by representatives of both parties to ensure adequate brand prominence.

3. The first Cafe Sci within this agreement will be delivered to coincide with the start of the 2008 Falmouth Oyster Festival, and will focus on the biology of ostrea edulis.

4. Subsequent events will be resourced wherever possible by FMS, using IT facilities, laboratory equipment and students as appropriate.

5. Any grant funding applications to support Cafe Sci will be made jointly. Any income from door receipts to be accounted for by the HEO and used to pay direct overheads.

6. The Poly to consider reasonable requests to display FMS promotional materials.

7. The arrangements will be reviewed by the end of February.;; Sarah Clarke [];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


cwt, pip. dmf

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